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Palshus Guesthouse
Einarsnes 58
101 Reykjavik
Guesthouse Palshus is located in Einarsnes 58, Skerjafirği in the west part of city centre Reykjavik. 15-20 minutes walk is to the center of old town Reykjavik. Great walking paths are around Guesthouse Palshus for example to the Thermal beach (Nauthólsvik), the Pearl (Perlan) and along the sea.
e-mail: palshus@palshus.com fon: 354 552 1157

Guesthouse Lily
Nybylavegur 30
200 Kopavogur in the surburb of Reykjavik
Lily is a small and cosy guesthouse on Nıbılavegur in Kópavogur. The entire guest house has recently received an overhaul with all new flooring, the rooms having been refurnished, an elevator installed and more.
e-mail: lily@lily.is fon: 354 898 8275

Gistiheimiliğ BB44
Şetta verğur tilboğs síğa.

Snorris Guesthouse
Snorrabraut 61
101 Reykjavik
A guesthouse in the heart of Reykjavik!
e-mail: guesthousereykjavik@guesthousereykjavik.com fon: 354 552 0598

Reykjavik City Hostel
Sundlaugavegur 34
104 Reykjavik
e-mail: info@hostel.is fon: 354 553 8110

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